Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pet post..

I think it is time to introduce you to my pets..

This is Max.  He's a spoiled baby who acts like he's 10 feet tall.  He enjoys chewing on one of his many toys and having smelly dog farts. If he has his toy taken away from him by Millie, he will sit there staring at it and insist that you get it from her.  He is the smart one too.. sitting is easy for him.  He's so close to being able to say "I ruv rooo!" on command.

Now we have Millie.  Yes, Millie.  She is the ugliest pug you will ever call cute.  She also thinks she has balls that are bigger than yours.  If you're sitting down, your lap is hers.  If Max has a toy, it's now hers.  If you have food, she will make it clear that you're sharing.  Her tongue is abnormally long, which is why it hangs out of her mouth, so watch out when you're close because she will get you.  She enjoys walking around the house like a queen in her kingdom and napping on any open lap available. 

Yes, she has a little snaggle tooth.

Her tongue is always like this.
Aww her sweater..
So those are my dogs.  I know, very exciting for all those who looked at this.


  1. Haha, aww very cute dog indeed!

  2. ugly, cute, I can't tell the difference when it comes to pugs.

  3. yea pugs really make me happy, their just somehow awesome.

  4. i'd love to hear your dog say 'i ruv rooo!'

  5. Awwwww <3
    I luv Millies' tongue on her second pic and her very big eyez.

  6. d'awww!


  7. Sooo cuuute! My gf's dalmatian used to get toys and just come to me and just budge me till i played with it. If he was ignored he would bark, then i had to just shut him up by making him run and jump for it, lolz..

  8. great post, thank you for sharing

  9. loving the pink sweater lol, i need to get a christmas one for my pup im sure he'll just loooovvvve wearin it hahah